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#03-Creating a Grade Roster in Excel

June 01, 2002



Nancy Bowers
Instructional Support Specialist
Idaho State University

Most faculty never think twice about using a word processing program such as Word or WordPerfect. And many routinely use presentation software, such as PowerPoint or Corel, for creating lecture materials. Fewer faculty, however, use spreadsheet software as a matter of course. This is unfortunate, since everyone, regardless of discipline, can make good use of a spreadsheet’s capability, without necessarily being a numbers whiz.

This week’s LTA will show you how to use Microsoft Excel to set up an electronic grade book to keep track of student grades, calculate end of the semester total points, even assign letter grades. Although this LTA will focus on the use of Microsoft Excel, the general principles will apply to other spreadsheet software. Furthermore, the instructions will assume the user is using a PC. The procedure on a Macintosh will be virtually identical.

LTA Outcomes

By working through this LTA, the user will be able to use Microsoft Excel to record student grades and perform simple calculations on those grades. The user will also learn how to import a text file containing the names of their students.

Skills Required to Complete this LTA

Users should be comfortable with working with a computer and be familiar with general file saving procedures and file types. Users should be able to use the copy and paste commands and should have some basic mouse skills. Some familiarity with Excel would be beneficial but not required.

Software Required to Complete this LTA

Microsoft Excel

Procedure – Summary

Here is the summary of steps that this LTA will cover:

  1. Enter students into your grade roster
  2. Label columns for assignments
  3. Enter grades
  4. Calculate means and standard deviations for assignments
  5. Calculate total points
  6. Calculate percentages
  7. Assign final letter grade
  8. Upload student names from a text file (Optional)


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