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#09-Printing E-Mail Messages

July 17, 2002

LTA Overview


Charles J. Ansorge
University of Nebraska-Lincoln / Teachers College

Discovering an easy way to print e-mail messages is now possible thanks to this elegant Low Threshold solution that was recently shared. What makes the solution so useful is that it is completely computer platform independent. This LTA will work with any operating system (this includes the Mac OS, any of the many flavors of Windows, UNIX, LINUX, etc.). Speed of the computer, speed of the network, hard drive space or computer memory are unrelated to this LTA. In short, it is a solution to printing e-mail for the masses that is sure to catch on and be instantly accepted by any individuals who may be searching for that perfect LTA to save time and become more productive.

LTA Outcomes

Various solutions have been found for printing e-mail messages with many being some version of directing an e-mail message to a printer connected to a network from an e-mail client. These solutions work fairly well and generally are reliable. However, the solution that is described in this week’s LTA is much more creative and innovative.

Skills Required and Software/Hardware Recommended

Minimal skills are required to successfully print e-mail messages using the LTA described for this week. There is a need to have a functioning computer with a monitor that is connected to a network that may be used to access e-mail messages. The computer may be running any operating system, but there must be an e-mail client that is used to access and display e-mail messages that have been received. Access to a functioning photocopy machine is also necessary.

Procedure/ Summary

Following are a summary of steps that this LTA will cover:

  1. Open the e-mail client.
  2. Access a message to be printed.
  3. Select a font for the e-mail message that you wish to print.
  4. Follow the example shown in this illustration. PrintE-mail.jpg


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