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#38-Becoming a MERLOT Member

March 31, 2004


MERLOT, the Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching (http://www.merlot.org/), is a well-known learning object repository on the World Wide Web, offering links to electronic resources that faculty in many disciplines can use to enhance both online and face-to-face courses. Thousands of computer-based materials are listed, and many of the items have undergone peer review by MERLOT Peer Reviewers. Access to the repository is free to all.

LTA Credits

Michael L. Rodgers, Ph.D.
Professor of Chemistry
Southeast Missouri State University
Cape Girardeau, MO   USA 63701

 Although anyone with an Internet-enabled computer can browse the repository, MERLOT offers users a much deeper level of participation through membership. Becoming a MERLOT member takes about five minutes, is free of charge, and does not expire. Membership brings you into an active community of faculty and students interested in technology for teaching and learning: as a member, you can post a Member Profile that has the potential to attract like-minded collaborators;  you can also contribute materials to the repository, thereby taking advantage of MERLOT’s peer review process; and you can establish Personal Collections, individualized, annotated listings of learning objects of significance to you. Like the Member Profile, Personal Collections can be used to identify other members who share specific interests, and to invite others within the discipline to join in a collaborative activity.

LTA Outcomes

Upon completion of this LTA, the user will be a MERLOT member. The user will then  be free to participate in MERLOT Website activites, as described above

Skills Required to Complete this LTA

Users should be able to browse the World Wide Web and check e-mail.

Software and Hardware Required to Complete this LTA

Requirements are minimal: an Internet-enabled computer with a browser (for example, Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator), and a valid e-mail address.

Procedure – Summary

A summary of the steps for joining MERLOT follows:

  1. Point your browser to the MERLOT Website: http://www.merlot.org/
  2. Click on the “join now” link.
  3. Complete the form on the “Become a Member” page.
  4. Click the “Submit Information” button.
  5. Wait a day and check your e-mail for a message from MERLOT that contains your password.

After you have received your password, you can log in as a Member and modify your Member Profile:

  1. Point your browser to the MERLOT Website: http://www.merlot.org/
  2. Click on the “log in” link
  3. Complete the form on the “Member Login” page.
  4. Click the “log in” button.
  5. Interact with the Website as a Member. For example, you can browse the learning object collection, contribute an item, browse the Member Director, or update your Member Profile.

See the PowerPoint Presentation link below for a narrated explanation of the procedure involved in becoming a Merlot Member. Clicking on this link will permit you to download a 3.3 MB PowerPoint document to your desktop for viewing. You must have either a PowerPoint viewer or application to launch this document.

Becoming a Merlot Member [3.4 Mb PowerPoint]

If you do not have have either the PowerPoint viewer application or a copy of the PowerPoint application, a QuickTime version of the explanation may be accessed by clicking on the link below. You must have QuickTime installed on your computer to view this document.

Becoming a Merlot Member [3.7 Mb QuickTime]



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