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#28-Creating Web Pages Using Inspiration 7

April 16, 2003

LTA Overview

Inspiration is typically used as a graphic organizer that allows users to brainstorm ideas or generate outlines, but the newest version of the software can also be used to create web pages. The process is very simple and any diagram created in Inspiration 7 can be used for this purpose (diagrams generated in earlier versions can also be used, but have to be brought into 7 to be exported as web pages). The software converts the diagram to HTML, which it has always done, but the user can now select an option that creates one page for each symbol, makes hyperlinks from page to page, and prepares a site map of the diagram with active links to each page.


Kelley Hartshorn
Instructional Technology Assistant
Alumni Learning Technologies Center
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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The benefit to using Inspiration for this purpose is that one piece of software can be used to create pages, make links, add content, and generate a site map for easy navigation without having to use a more complex web authoring program or HTML code. An FTP program is necessary only for uploading the completed site to the Internet.

Some possible uses for Inspiration to create web pages:

  • A third grade class investigating butterflies in Science collects their data into Inspiration because it is easy to use and publishes their findings on the school’s web page.
  • A mother and daughter use Inspiration to create a family tree and post their information and pictures to the Internet for other family members to see.
  • A professor teaching an intermediate statistics class has his students develop a concept map that contains both basic and intermediate statistics concepts and how they relate to each other. The students, in groups, expand on individual sections of the concept map in Inspiration and create a web site that will serve as a class resource.

An example of a web site designed using Inspiration can be found at: http://tc.unl.edu/khartshorn/Inspiration/makingdiagrams_files/sitemap.htm. It also provides more information on how to create diagrams to use in the process.

To complete this activity, a diagram created in Inspiration 7 with multiple symbols and links between symbols is needed. It is recommended that short phrases or single words be used in the symbols of the diagram because the filenames for each page are taken from the text in each symbol. For example, if the words in a symbol are

Step 1 is to create your diagram in Inspiration… the filename for that page will be “step1istocreateyourdiagr.htm” and is cumbersome. Instead of filling symbols with lots of text, do something similar to the picture on the right, which is putting more text into Notes, which are attached to the symbols. Everything that is put into the note will become the content on the page for that symbol. The name of this file will be “step1.htm.”

Symbolandnote Desc

Make sure that the diagram looks the way you want before you proceed with the next step, because once the diagram is exported, it is very difficult to make changes to it. With the diagram open, go to File>Export as HTML. Select “Site Skeleton.”

Export Screen

Name the HTML file and select a folder where all the files will be kept. Use an FTP program for uploading the completed site. All the necessary links are made, the site map is created, and, if you chose to use the Note feature, content has been added to each page. If necessary, open these files in a web authoring program to further manipulate or add more to the pages.

Inspiration is dual-platform, pricing starts at $69 for a single license, and is a very simple program to learn. More information about the software can be found at the vendor site (http://www.inspiration.com)



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