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#22-Using Google to Search Within a Site

December 06, 2002

LTA Overview

The Internet has made information on anything so accessible to those who have a computer that the problem now is how do we find the best information. I sometimes have the good fortune of finding the perfect Web page, having scanned through the returns of a Boolean search on Google. But, in my haste to use the information or whatever, I forget to save the URL of that specific page. If the website does not have an internal search function, (or even when they do) getting back to that great page can be quite difficult. Finding a particular page becomes more difficult when the subject of your original search is something very general which will bring up many hundreds of sites. Google has a function which allows for searching within a particular website and having the results of that search show up on Google’s page. This is extremely helpful and significantly reduces one’s search time.


Megan Palmer
Program Coordinator
TLT Group


In order to search within a site through Google all one has to do is go to Google’s site (http://www.google.com) and in the search bar enter the subject of the search then site:domain (domain being the website address). For example, if you are looking up Steve Gilbert’s Syllabus columns you might go to Syllabus and try to look up their archives to find Gilbert’s articles, giving you these results:


Or you might do a Google search with search terms “Syllabus” and “TLT Group” which gives you these results, none of which are what I’m searching for:

screenshotBut it’s easiest to type Syllabus Magazine site:www.tltgroup.org in the search box on Google’s site:

screenshotThis is the page I was looking for!

You avoid the possibility of getting results from other sites which have similar information but are not what you are looking for. Now when I click on that link I get to the archives of all of Steve Gilbert’s Syllabus columns which is exactly what I was hoping to find.



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