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Brief Hybrid Workshops

A “Brief Hybrid Workshop” (BHW)
is an activity of less than 15 minutes (preferably closer to 5!) for participants that includes the use of one or more Internet-accessible media clips AND some other files, instructions, activities, documents, plans, guidelines, etc.  It is intended to help a group of people produce or learn how to do something useful to them.  Participants usually interact with each other and with a leader/presenter/facilitator during the activity.  (When run without interruption, all the pre-recorded media elements – the eClips – require less than 5 minutes total.  Of course, some groups may find the materials so fascinating that they extend the entire sessions well beyond 15 minutes!) 

A “Brief Hybrid Teaching/Learning Module” (BHTLM)
is the same as a “brief hybrid workshop” EXCEPT for purpose and audience.  These modules are intended to help students to learn something in a course (usually undergraduate).



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